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How To Generate Report With The Mobile App

Do you want to generate a sales and revenue report, but you don't know how to go about it, the timart business app helps you generate a clear, brief, and comprehensive report. All you need to do is export the report for your use.

What To Expect:

How To Go To The Report Page

Step 1- Go to Homepage

Step 2- Tap on the More icon

Step 3- Tap on the “Report Section” it takes you directly to the Report Page.

How To Export The Report

Step 1- Tap on the “Report Section

Step 2- Enter the “Start Date” and “End Date” of the report ( that is the date you want the report to begin from and the end date.)

Step 3- Your report will be displayed, tap on “Export Data” at the top of the page on the right.

Step 4- A preview will be displayed, when you are done with the preview, tap on “Export” at the top of the page on the right to select where you want to export the report to( e.g print, convert to pdf or share with business partners, etc)

Where Can I Export The Report To?

You can export the file to your google drive, you can print the report, and you can also share the report with business partners on WhatsApp or linked in or even convert the report to pdf and share it with them.

What Information Does The Report Contain?

The information contained in the report includes all sales, cash inflow, total revenue, cost of sale items, others, total expenses, and net profit(profit sales and total profit). All sales plus cash inflow equal to total revenue. Cost of sale items plus others(other expenses) equal to total expenses. Total revenue minus total expense equals net profit.

All Sales + Cash Inflow = Total Revenue

Cost of Sale Items + Others = Total Expenses

Total Revenue - Total Expenses = Net Profit

When you record your sales with the app and also your inflow and expenditure, the app automatically calculates this for you and generates the report for you. You can access this report anytime and anywhere. It's awesome, isn't it?

Is The Report Financial Advice?

The report feature helps you to calculate your net profit, to keep you aware of the financial status of your business, whether you are running on a profit or loss. However, the report is not in any way financial advice. The app only generates the report based on the inputs of the user and serves as a guide to the user.

Now To Conclude

Always record your sales, your inflow, and expenditure on the app, so you can generate a report. See this article on how to add your inflow and expenditure on the app, also see this article on how to add sales on the app and get step-by-step guidelines.