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How To Update And Change My Password On Mobile

You can make changes or update your password on the app, when you need to, follow these steps for a guide:

Step 1- Go to Homepage

Step 2- Tap on the More icon

Step 3- Tap on Profile

Step 4- Tap on “Password” to make changes

Step 5- To change your password you would need to enter the old password

Step 6- Enter a new password and confirm the new password

Step 7- Tap on “Change Password” to complete the process

How To Recover Your Password

If you have forgotten your password, no need to worry you can recover your password. Follow these steps for a guide:

  1. open the app

  2. the sign-in page will be displayed(if you are seeking to recover your password it means you may have logged out, so when you open the app it is the sign-in page that is displayed)

  3. tap on Recover Password just below the password bar

  4. Enter your Email and tap on Get Link

  5. password Reset Link will be sent to your email