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How To Manage My Sales Records On PC

In this article we take you through on how to access your sales records and export them for your use. Sales records are a compilation of all the sales you have made using the app, it shows you your daily records and even past records. With the app you can export sales records from any accounting period.

Step By Step Guide

Step 1- Open Dashboard

Step 2- Click on Sales Record, your Sales Record for The Day will be displayed

Step 3- Click on All Sales to see All Sales Record

Step 4- To see sales record according to a particular accounting period, click on Filter to select the date and time, then click on Apply

step 5- Then select the date and time, finally click on Apply

Filter Records By Receipt Number Or By Users

Step 1- Click on filter by Receipt Number

Step 2- Enter the receipt number

Step 3- Click on Filter By User

Step 4- Select the user

Export Sales Records

Step 1- Click on Export

Step 2- Select what you want to appear on the sales record, then click on Export to Print

To manage your inflow and expenditure on your PC see this article- https://help.gettimart.com/articles/89414-how-to-manage-my-inflow-and-expenditure-on-pc