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How To Download The Timart Business App

Welcome to Timart,  Timart Business App is designed to help you manage your business effectively, maximizing your time and saving you money.

In this article we would quickly get you through on how to begin with the app.

In This Article:

How Do I Download The App?

How Do I Download The App On My Mobile?

How Do I Download The App On My PC?

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How Do I Download The App

Downloading the timart business app is both easy and free, you can download our app on App store and Google Playstore for your Mobile( android and iOS) and for your PC (Windows and Mac OS) you can visit our site www.gettimart.com to download.

How Do I Download The App On My Mobile

The Timart Business App is on the App store and Google Play Store, so it is easily accessible. For android users open the playstore app on your phone and search for “Timart”, you will see Timart Business App, tap on it to download. For IOS users open the app store app on your mobile download, search for “timart” tap on timart business app to download.

 Step by Step Guide- For Android/IOS Users

Step 1- Open the google Play Store or App Store on your mobile phone

Step 2- Search for “Timart” 

Step 3- Tap on the Timart Business App to download

You are good to go

How Do I Download The App On My PC

The app is also available on windows and Mac OS, Downloading the app on your PC is very easy, open your browser and go to www.gettimart.com, scroll down, you will see display icons for  “download windows” and “download Mac OS” , click on the one you need and the app will download instantly.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1- open your browser

Step 2- go to www.gettimart.com

Step 3- scroll down 

Step 4- click on the download icon for Windows to download for windows

Step 5- click on the download icon for Mac OS to download for Mac OS

What To Do Next

You are now geared up, register and start enjoying the amazing solutions we offer your business.

See how to register on the app in this article; How to register or sign up on the app.

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