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How To Manage Debts On The Mobile App

Managing debts

Debts pile up, when customers buy products or patronize services on credit, keeping track of these debts can sometimes be difficult, you either forget to write it down, or write it down and can't remember where you kept it. With the app you can record the debts.

The Timart Business App helps you manage debts, so you can easily track your debts, know who is owing you, how much is being owed and how much has been paid, it shows you which debt has been paid in full and those that have been paid partly.

How to access the debt management page on the app:


How to manage debts on the app:

                                                                                                 Debt Management Page

Step 1- Go to the Debt Management Page

Step 2- Tap on Add Customer

Step 3- Then enter the namemobile numberemail address, and address of the customer.

Step 4- Tap on “Add Customer” to Add The Customer

Step 5- The customer name will appear, tap on the Customer to add the transaction.

Step 6- Tap on Add Credit to enter the amount that the customer owes.

Step 7- Write a comment(optional)

Step 8- Enter the date and the time at which you gave the credit.

Step 9- Tap on “Save”, to save the transaction.

Step 10- Tap on Add Deposit to add the amount that is being paid to clear the debt.

                         Leave a comment(optional)

          Step 11- Enter the date and time in which the money is paid .Step 12- Tap on “Save”, to save the transaction.

          Step 12- Tap on “Save”, to save the transaction.

To see who owes you,  who has paid in full or in part, and how they have paid, go to the Debt Management Page. Every transaction will be displayed there.

To add more customers, repeat the process.

How  To Add a customer 

Once you have accessed the debt management page, you then click on add a customer, you are required to enter the information of the customer, that includes name, address, mobile number and email address, then you add a customer. To add more customers just repeat the process.

How To Add transaction

Once you have added a customer, you click on add transaction, to add the amount the customer owes you or the amount he has paid on the debt. To add the amount owed you click on add credit, to add the amount paid, you click on add deposit. 

When you are done entering the details, the information will be displayed on the debt management page, there you will be able to see who is owing you, how much he is owing and how much has been paid in clearing the debt and what debt has been cleared completely, this way you are well reminded and informed.

Always keep track of all your debts with Timart, don't be stranded, we got you. See how to manage your inflow and expenditure with the App, in this article - https://help.gettimart.com/articles/89400-how-to-manage-my-inflow-and-expenditure-mobile-phone.

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