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How To Adjust Product Quantity On My Mobile Phone and PC

When the quantity of your product has changed, for instance, when you have sold out or are running low on stock and you need to make adjustments, the "Stock adjustment feature" helps you to do that, it helps you adjust quantity and even adjust selling price.

It is easy and simple, this article contains step by step guide to adjust your product quantity. 

How Do I Adjust Product Quantity My Mobile Phone

To adjust your product quantity, you have to access the stock adjustment page and this is very easy to locate. When you open the homepage, you tap on the “more” icon, which gives you a list of options then you select “Stock adjustment”. You can also find the “adjust product quantity” icon under quick actions on the homepage. Once you have accessed the adjust product quantity page, you then select the item you want to adjust. 

To access the stock adjustment page:

To adjust product quantity:

What Are Reasons For Adjustment

When you select the item, you are required to select the reason you want to make adjustments, the options for reasons are:

That is, are you making adjustments because some of the products have been damaged, or some products purchased have been returned, or some have been lost or maybe you just want to re-stock.

How To Adjust Product Quantity On My PC?

When you are done you can see your adjustment history below

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