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How To Add Sales (Mobile and PC)

Our app makes it easy for you to record your sales and track your profit.

Step by Step Guide

How To Add Sales On My Mobile Phone

Step 1- Go to Homepage

Step 2- Tap on the Sales Icon

Step 3-Tap on Add New Sales

Step 4- Your products will be displayed, Tap on the product that is being purchased to add quantity and the product is instantly added to cart.

for instance, if the customer is purchasing 10 quantity of a particular product, you tap on the product ten times, if the customer wishes to purchase only 1, you Tap on the Product once.

This enables you to select multiple products to sell, adding them to cart instantly, faster and quicker, without having to open each product at a time.

Step 5- Or you can "Tap and hold" on the product to add and verify the quantity that is being purchased and when you are done, you Tap on add to cart.

Step 6- Tap on the Cart icon on the sales page

Step 7- Confirm the sale and tap on "Proceed to Payment" to select  payment method

Step 8- Choose the payment method. The payment method means, the mode the customer is paying for the goods purchased, they include: Cash, POS, Transfer and Sale on Credit.

Step 9- After selecting your payment method, tap on "Checkout" to complete the transaction.

Lastly - To see your transactions go back to the Dashboard your transactions will be displayed there.

How Do I Add Sales on My PC?

Step 1- Open the Dashboard

Step 2- Click on Make Sales

Step 3- Click on the product being purchased

Step 4- Select what product type is being purchased; pack or pieces

Step 5- Click on the plus sign “+” to add the “quantity” that is being purchased and the minus “-” sign to reduce the quantity.

Step 6- Then click on “Add To Cart

Step 7- The transaction will be displayed on the “Make Sales” page beside your total inventories.

Step 8- Select your Payment Method

Step 9- Select Cashier

Lastly- Click on Checkout to finish.

Record your sales makes it easy for you to track your progress, it gives you knowledge of how much you have made for each day, with our app you won't have to bother about lengthy paperwork, or the extra expense of pen and paper. Record your sales with our app today and keep track of your business.

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