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How To Manage My Inflow And Expenditure (Mobile Phone)

Your expenditure is the funds that go out of your business while your inflow is the funds that come into your business. As a small business owner, one of the things you should have an understanding of is your inflow and expenditure. Imagine not having proper and accurate knowledge of how much is coming into your business and how much is going out. How do you effectively track your progress? How do you monitor the growth of your finances?. 

In This Article:

One of the amazing features of the Timart business app is that it helps you tell your profit and losses with ease through the inflow and expenditure page, with no long process of writing and calculation on paper.

How To Go To The Inflow and Expenditure Page

The Inflow/Expenditure page will be displayed, with every transaction duly recorded and calculated.


It will take you directly to the page.

How To Manage Your Inflow And Expenditure

Step 1- Go to the Inflow/Expenditure page.

Step 2- On the page, your transactions will be displayed

Step 3- To view specific transactions, that is either by days or months, tap on “All Entries”.

Step 4- Select the transactions you want to see. (today, yesterday, this week, last week, this month, last month, this year, custom date, and even all entries)

Step 5- Tap on “Manage” to “Add New Expenditure”, “Add New Inflow”, or “Add/Edit Categories”.

To add new expenditure;

          Step 6- Tap on “Add New Expenditure 

Step 7- Enter Expenditure name e.g gas, electricity bill, revenue, etc.

Step 3- Enter  the amount

Step 4- Add a Remark and select a Category(optional)

Step 5- Enter the date and time

Step 6- You can also Add An Image or Images (for instance, a picture of a receipt.)

Step 7- Tap on “Add Expenditure” to finish.

To add inflow

          Step 1- Tap on “Add New Inflow”

Step 2- Tap on “Income” to add the name of the income, for example, grant, gift, credit, etc.

Step 3- Enter the amount

Step 4- Enter income source

Step 5- Add remark 

Step 6- Enter the date and time

Step 7- Tap on “Add Cash Flow” to finish.

To Add /Edit Categories; 

Step 1- Tap on Add/Edit Categories

Step 2- Enter category name

Step 3- Tap on Add Category to finish

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