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How To Create A Business On Mobile

Creating a business on the app is what enables you to make use of the app and it is free. On downloading the app you are guided on how to create a business, however, you can create more than one business on the app. If you own more than one business, for instance, you own a clothing business, a restaurant or food business, and tailoring service, you can manage all those businesses on the app easily.

What To Expect:

How To Create A Business

To create a business you need to be connected to the internet

Step 1- Go to Homepage

Step 2- On the quick action section, swipe right and tap on My Business

Step 3- Tap on the “Addition Sign” at the bottom of the page

Step 4- Enter shop name and Select category, then tap on create to finish

Step 5- Shop successfully created, tap Ok to proceed

Step 6- Proceed to add products and sales and enjoy every feature of the app

How To Delete A Business

Did you sell your business for an enormous amount of money and you no longer run or manage the business and you want to delete your business from your account on the app, or for reasons best known to you, you want to delete your business on the app. You can delete your business from the app, follow these steps:

Note: You need to be connected to the internet to perform this action


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